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So this is me! My name is Lucy, and I am the creator of Snapdragon Studio. 

My love of photography started when I was around 10 years old. I used to love pinching my mum's camera and taking pictures of anything and everything!

I studied photography for a year in college but I really see myself as a self-taught photographer as there is no right or wrong way of taking a picture. Of course there are some photography rules but guess what? Rules are made to be broken! 

As you can probably see from my portfolio, I do not just specialise in one area of photography. I have a mixed bag of styles I enjoy! As a person I never want to just settle for one thing, I want to try a bit of everything. And its the same with photography. I love doing portraits because I enjoy being able to connect with my subject and you can do just about anything with portraiture. However, when shooting interiors you have a lot of interesting angles and leading lines to play around with which can create beautiful, symmetrical and tidy photographs and this speaks to my symmetry-loving, organisational-obsessed heart! 




Amberley Studio

Lucy is enthusiastic and professional and is always able to capture the essence of my work in a variety of shots which are perfect for both my website and social media. I thoroughly enjoy working with her every time!


Abbi Stoney

Lucy is so easy to work with and immediately sets you at ease; all of our photoshoots have been in a relaxed environment which I think comes across in the finished products. I always love the photos that we end up with and without fail she seems to get my best side!


James Struth, Director of Beyond The Box

Lucy is hardworking and approached the job with ease and creativity. She managed to capture the life of our student accommodation in a way that is perfect for social media as well as marketing. She achieved the goal of the brief whilst adding her own unique stamp to the finished product!

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